Why You Must Have A Photo Booth At Your Wedding

why you must have a Photo Booth at your wedding

Why you must have a photo booth at your wedding

Full disclosure – we are biased. But, we also know a lot about photo booths and why they are awesome. If you are on the fence about whether or not to book yourself a Photo Booth for your wedding, we are here to give you the nudge you need. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Good clean fun

What can be more wholesome then standing in a room with your mates wearing rubber masks and having your photo taken? Maybe that sounds a bit weird… Photo booths are fun and silly and great for all ages.

Loosen those inhibitions

We see those nervous types, gingerly picking up a moustache and unsure whether the captain’s hat will make them a laughing stock. Well good news, our friendly photographers are encouraging and awesome. Nobody will feel the wrong side of silly and everyone will get into the spirit of fun. Next stop the dance floor!

Gifts for all

Evening guests get a bit bummed out sometimes; no dinner, no little bag of seeds to take home, not so much as a decorative hand soap. Our photo booth provides the perfect little gift for everyone to take home and pop on the fridge. If they lose or forget their print don’t worry, you get all the images too!

Fulfil your dreams

What happened to your dream of growing up to be a musician, scuba diver or tennis pro? Our props can make you whatever you want to be. Why stop there, you can be a penguin, frog or camel. The possibilities are endless!

Hopefully we have convinced you. If you are tempted to book yourself a Photo Booth for your wedding get in touch, we would love to be part of your special day. Take a look at our packages page for information on our services. Check out our Instagram to see what we are up to.

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