6 Awesome Wedding Cake Ideas

6 Awesome Wedding Cake Ideas

Let them eat cake! Our favourite part of any wedding is getting to dig into a big old slice of cake. There are loads of different options from ornately decorated, minimalistic, non traditional and many more. Here are 6 awesome wedding cake ideas to help inspire you.

farm wedding cake topper

Pick Something Personal

This wedding was hosted on a family farm, in true farming tradition the couple had some lovely sheep as there cake topper! Whether you have a cake shaped like you favourite pet, an instrument your amazing at playing or anything else you can think of. People love elements of the day which are personalised.

black wedding cake

Be Daring 

We adore this black and gold Thistle cake! The grooms chose this cake to reflect their Scottish heritage in style. It was a bold colour choice and it definitely paid off!

Wedding cake

Keep In The Theme 

The couple tied in their whimsical summer flowers with this stunning cake. Different elements were seamlessly tied together from the table plans to the place settings.

Simple wedding cake idea

Simplicity Is Beautiful 

If themed or bold cakes aren’t your cup of tea then keep it nice and simple. A beautiful fruit or sponge cake is going to look enticing if it’s 10 tiers or 1. A simple design will always look elegant.

Wedding cake

Use Flowers 

A great way to tie the cake in with the rest of the wedding is to decorate with some real flowers. Choose a simple cake and adorn with beautiful blooms. Your florist should be able to advise what will work best. These flowers were courtesy of the amazing Red Floral Architecture – stunning.

Wedding pie

Don’t Have A Cake At All! 

Be like this pie loving and turn your back on tradition. Some people just don’t like cake – weird I know! If you are one of those folk have whatever you want. A selection of cheeses, a tower of doughnuts, a huge pie or a basket of cupcakes – all delicious choices.

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