Our Top Photo Booth Props

photo booth props

At Pineapple Photo Booths we pride ourselves on having the coolest props around. Photo booths are fun and silly but that doesn’t mean they have to took tacky and dated. Couples who don’t want to compromise on the look of their day come to us for beautiful backgrounds, high quality images and quirky props. Here are our top photo booth props.


We have shunned children’s party flimsy cardboard masks in favour of full head rubber ones. They are pretty much indestructible and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We have  a whole crew of animal masks: chicken, horse, penguin, frog and more!

Moustaches & Lips

Everyone loves a moustache on a stick and we have gone one better and included some lips for the perfect pout. Each one is handmade and imported from America to ensure they are top notch quality.


Have a go with our bright red telephone. Something about vintage phones get everyone reaching for the prop table. Channel your inner Beyonce and Lady Gaga!


In keeping with our tropical vibes you can pose alongside our two friendly flamingos. We have saved them from a life destined to be left out in the cold on someone’s lawn. It was the kindest thing to do really.


We have loads of cool and quirky glasses. Who can resist trying on sunnies? No one, that’s who. Not to brag but our glasses are hand picked for quality and quirk.

Headdresses & Flower Crowns

Get in the festival vibe with our stunning feather headdresses and flower crowns. These are the perfect for girly girls.

We hope we have given you an insight into what our prop box has to offer. To see top photo booth props in action take a look at our photos. Our Photo Booth is available for hire in Manchester and the North West. If you are getting married or putting on a party we would love to hear from you. Pop us over an enquiry to check availability.

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